Hey guys. So I have this question, does anyone know if this pedal is regulated? I can't find any info in the internet on this particular power supply.

The thing is that currently I have 2 pedals, diy Fulltone OCD and a boss DD-7, i'm using a dunlop ECB003EU power supply but it doesnt have enough juice to power the both.

So I'm guessing that the PSA 230 will do the job but I dont want to blow my OCD's circuit by using a non regulated power supply.

Pic of the boss power supply is in the spoiler
The Boss will be fine. You have to be careful with phrases like 'regulated' and 'condition' power requirements, they usually mean jack shit in terms of running the pedal properly.

The Boss has 500mA current draw and runs 9v centre negative polarity, which both of your pedals run on, so it'll be fine.
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I use one to power a TU2, which is then daisy chained to a DS1, OD3, DD6, Phase 90, and BBE Sonic Stomp, and it has no trouble with powering all simultaneously. As long as your plug polarity is correct, have no fear.
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As long as your plug polarity is correct, have no fear.

The guy who made the DIY OCD for me told me that I should only use a regulated adapter to power it, worst case scenario is that I blow a capacitor (which i already did once) best case scenario is that it will operate but there will be a huge humm.

Also should I fear using a 500ma adapter if my both pedals consume only around 80ma? Can the excess current perhaps blow the circuits?
Even though the power supply is capable of delivering up to 500ma, the pedals will only draw as much current as they need, which is the 80ma
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