So I have 6 bars.

Bars 1 & 2: [Repeat Open] Main riff

Bars 3 & 4: First Alternate Ending

Bars 5 & 6: Second Alternate Ending [Repeat Close]

I would like the measure to repeat 3 times. I can only get it to repeat 1 time. It won't allow me to choose how many times I repeat when I use the "Repeat Open/Close" Essentially I would like both the alternate endings to repeat 3 times.
I'm glad there is now a picture thread, 2 things, I was very excited to see the description for the thread was from my suggestion video lol, also perhaps a sticky is in order on how to upload pics? There are a few pics i would like to upload (and include in the review thread i just posted) but can't for the life of me figure it out, is there a size limit or file type I'm not seeing? I tried a few things and every time the pics had an error during upload that prevented completion.
So click the ] on the upper left hand where u select notes

and it pops up wit ha box saying Repeat # of times : enter 4 or whatever