I usually misguidedly proclaim myself to be some sort of a musical hotshot, but I'm currently stuck at the moment.
I'm looking for a bunch of songs for my radio show that are basically Australian songs covered by artists from other countries.

This is what I have so far. I need an hour of music, but I only have about 29 minutes according to iTunes, so if anyone has anything to add, that'd be awesome!

The Dead Heart - Alexisonfire (Midnight Oil cover)
Hells Bells - The Dandy Wahols (AC/DC cover)
The Mercy Seat - Johnny Cash (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)
The Outdoor Type - Lemonheads (Smudge cover)
If You Want Blood - Mark Kozelek (AC/DC cover)
Friday On My Mind - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes (The Easybeats cover)
Wild World - The Mountain Goats (The Birthday Party cover)
Down Under - Pennywise (Men At Work cover)
New Sensation - Snow Patrol (INXS cover)
I Started A Joke - The Wallflowers (Bee Gees cover)
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Go to Wikipedia and search for popular Australian songs. Some song articles have lists of covers.
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