Hey UG, i've been having bad experiences with instrument shops lately. Its started with me noticing that my 1 year old guitar REALLY buzzes alot. So one day, i got myself an Allen Wrench set and tried to fix it. So because nothing i did helped, i texted a friend of mine who worked on his own guitars and built a few of his own. I couldn't have him look at it, because he was on the other side of canada so we talked and he said it could be that my guitar's neck is warped. So I took my guitar to a store nearby called Mountain Music, and left my guitar there overnight so that they can look at it to see what's really the problem. I came back the next day and they said all i need is a setup and it's $65. Now, there, i thought they were trying to rip me off since i hear multiple opinions on what the problem is. I didn't have the money at the time so i took it back and tried setting it up myself with no luck. So after a while, i took it to Long and McQuade and see what they said. They said after looking at it that my guitar's neck is twisted and that it would cost hundreds and isn't worth fixing. So i left shocked and therefore tried to sell a fricked up guitar - with no luck. at this point, the F string (i have it tuned for drop-C with thicker gauge strings) was un-playable on the third fret. After a month, i called the guy who sold me my guitars and he said to go to a certain place called Don't Fret and they also said i needed a setup. So i said ok, since they too were going to charge me $65. I come back and they told me they did an additional fret-dress and gave me my guitar to try out. I try it, and it's like the problem with the buzz wasn't eliminated, minus the F-string. So i'm there waiting because they needed to adjusted again since there was still the same buzz... and again...and a third time after telling them several times that the buzz was what i wanted GONE. So the store guy gets angry, starts swearing and tells me that "the pros use buzz" and all that bull. On top of that, they charged me $84 after we agreed on the $65 and at that point, i just wanted to leave because they were really pissing me off. My guitar is now playable but it still buzzes. Is that REALLY normal or were they half-assing the job?
If you have your action set low, it's pretty normal to have a little buzz. You shouldn't hear it through the amp though, that would mean there is more than a little buzz. Have you tried to raise the action a bit?
Well yea, through the amp i cant hear anything, but wouldn't it diminish the note? None of my friend's guitars buzz without and amp. The strings are quite high but good for my tastes. I just wanted to know if they were bullshitting me in the guitar shop or not.