Sounds like an interesting mix of Tom Petty, U2, and something else I can't put my finger on. The music itself isn't terrible, maybe a tad off on the guitar strums towards the beginning there, other than that it has a cool vibe. A little scattered maybe as far as the different sections go, on first listen it was kind of hard to pick apart a verse,chorus, etc, but then again I wasn't really listening all that perceptively I suppose. I seriously loved the end, it reminded me a lot of Pink Floyd, really great change to the song. Just out of curiosity, why don't you want to be a part of the band anymore?
I agree with you, I think there shouldn't even be a second V/C.
Yea the guitar sounds off time. I think I would have sounded better with a quicker tempo.
I had a hard time vibing with my drummer on that song.

I don't want to be with this band for creative differences and direction.

Thanks for the feedback!
Timing seems to be off at some points. I actually enjoyed the song. The vocals sounds pretty good most of the times except during the softer parts. The melody of the verses sound a little monotonous after a while. Music is pretty good. Needs some polishing. Also, there are no parts that highlight just the voice. There seems to be too much music. The music seems to dominate the vocals throughout the song. Maybe some parts with focus on only the vocals would benefit the song.
Hey thanks for the advice. I think thats because the music I listen to has a lot of guitar in it.
I've lately been trying to lock with my drummer more but I should play more for the vocalist as well.