Hi guys,

I've always played electric and know almost nothing about acoustics.

I'd like to get myself an acoustic to start playing on. I'm hoping to spend around £150. What am I likely to get second hand for that sort of price that would be good?

Really appreciate the help!
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a date with my sister Ralph is around the same price.
or it'll get you a decent acoustic-electric(electro in limey-land). i'd recommend something in a nice yamaha Fg720 or fg700. if your patient, you'll find one for $225US.
stay away from anything that doesn't list "solid spruce(or other wood) top". the laminates arent that good unless your just using it at the beach.the really pretty ones are usually the really crappy sounding ones( see also...Dean Exotic series).
there are tons of ok ones in that range really.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)