Hey seems that all of the BC Rich Joey Jordison Signature Warlock are soldout(sorry I never heard of him} at MF and Music123.
List was $1650
Ebay is $900 - $1000
MF was $299 with 12% off for $263.99

I own many Vintage Fenders and Gibsons from the Late 50 - 60s in storage.
During 2012 and 2013 Have been buying many higher priced NEW Gibsons and Fenders(NONE of the Faded,Studios or Mexican stuff}
And I always checkout what deals are around
I have NO Clue how good or bad the BC Richs are.
Seems that the Pickups are worth $200 and the
Floyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo is worth at least another $200.
I do like the white color and can careless about the red blood paint.
Just want too know who got this deal?and their thoughts?
Worst comes to worst its only a $263 lost............JT
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I can agree that there are 2 versions,and MF were selling
the high priced ones at firesale prices.
I see these are selling at $1000 on ebay and I would think it has to be a decent guitar
since Fender American standard Strats and telecasters are also selling around the same prices.
I seen the cheaper Joey Jordison with the bolt on neck and I would never have bought that one
so hope its as fun as my Gibsons and fenders.........(when I do hear made in korea I tend to say away and buy American guitars}.................JT
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