Hi, my name is Sebastian, and I'm brand new here at Ultimate Guitar. I've used the tab section of the site before, and I figured it would be time to get some advice from the other players on the site.

I've been playing for around three years; but I slacked off a lot. I didn't bother learning too many scales or chords (I know, I know, I'm terrible, and I really regret it) but now here I am, my lessons are over because I can't afford them, but I'd still like to keep up with my playing, and I'd especially like to get better than I was before.

Firstly however, I'd like to know if my set up is any good, and what you guys would recommend so that I can make it better.

I've got a Mexican Fender Strat, all stock, and an Epiphone Les Paul, also stock.
My amp is a Raven R100, and the pedal I use is a Boss DS-1.

I've felt like this was fine for classic rock and old school metal, but lately I've been getting into more metalcore and hardcore music, and I was wondering about any recommendations for a better set up.

For the pedal my budget is around $100, with a twenty or thirty dollar flexibility.
For the amp, I'd like to keep it under $200.

Thanks in advance guys, I'm sorry if I'm asking too much.
Buy the best Peavey Vyper you can afford.
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And forget pedals for the time being, however getting a Vypyr with the Sanpera footswich would be well worth your while.
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And forget pedals for the time being, however getting a Vypyr with the Sanpera footswich would be well worth your while.


Look on Craigslist and Guitar Center used... you can sometimes find Vypyr Tube 60 + Sanpera I combos for $300.

EDIT: Likeso. http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Used-USED-PEAVEY-VYPYR-60W-MODELING-AMP-W-SANPERA-I-PEDAL-109092281-i3192150.gc

Get that ASAP.
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Well, the Vypyr looks good, but I am curious about the pedal. Is that a necessity? Obviously I'd be able to find the amp for cheaper if I cut out the pedal.

If someone could explain the usefulness of the pedal it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the suggestions!
The pedal will let you choose between stored bank setting without having to manually do it on the amp. Also lets you turn on/off stompboxes and delay. It'll give you access to a looper, and it also has a foot pedal for whammy effects. Sure, you could get a Vypyr 60 for $200 on GC, but the $50 seems worth it since you were wanting a pedal anyways. Those Sanpera pedals are made by Peavey to go with Vypyrs.
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Oh wow, that sounds really sweet. Thanks for all the help, I'll definitely be looking in to it!