Hi folks, my name's Dan and I just joined these forums, although I've been around on this site for a while checking out chords for songs to play on my piano. I'm thinking of getting an electrical guitar and see if you guys could give me some advice.

Some background: I'm a piano player (self-taught, 6 years of playing) and thus have knowledge about notes/chords etc. Over the last few months I've been messing around on an old acoustic guitar, hurting my fingers playing some open chords, barre chords (ehh they suck) and practicing strumming and notes with my right hand. I'm a natural lefty, but since I've been playing on this right-handed acoustic I probably will keep it that way (is this alright?).

I've been to the music store to play on electrics and just fell in love with the sound. I played on a strat (cannot remember exactl which) and a cabronita tele, loved the last one in particular. My guitar playing friend recommends me a telecaster, although he says the cabronita is a rather special case. I would like to play blues and country on it.

Is this guitar alright for a beginner? Are there any other specific guitars I should give a try? And most importantly, what are the things I should look at/consider when selecting a guitar?

Thanks for reading and feedback in advance,
If you're new to guitar its hard to give advice like this. I'm sure you realize that most guitar players have very different opinions on what makes a guitar good. Strats and teles are some of the first electric guitars so I think its an safe bet. For blues and such you'll want single coils pickups I'd imagine, and both strats and teles have that. I've heard strats are more comfortable to play but I've always liked the look of a tele better. Personally I think the best range of sounds come from a guitar with both a humbucker and a singlecoil. They do make strats and teles like this too. But you know if you're new and all it might be OK to grab a lefty guitar you might end up liking it better.

When it comes to cheaper guitars I usually pay more attention to the pickups than anything. If you willing to spend a bit a guitar with seymour Duncan pickups is bound to have a great sound.
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Yeah, a Strat or a Tele are 2 good options. I would say look at the Squier Classic Vibe series but I don't know your budget? It might be worth trying a lefty but you may be limited on what you can buy. There's nothing wrong with using a righty if you can get used to it (after all, you're using both hands).

I would say that the most important aspects of a guitar are playability and quality (flaws?), followed by wood quality. Things like hardware, pickups and other electronics can be changed out later anyway.
Welcome to your guitar journey!! I've always been curious about Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. But I've never had opportunity to play any of them. For Blues and Country these are good choice and are being used by numerous players around the world. If your budget is sufficient enough you can get an American made Strat or Tele, their quality is amazing rather than most of the Chinese or Korean made guitar. Even some Mexican made Strats or Teles can be good I've read. Just before purchasing keep in mind that the feel or the playability of the guitar should be great for your hand and I'd recommend to play the guitar for a while in the store, see it is comfortable or not. And also make sure that there isn't any flaw in the guitar otherwise it will hamper your playing.
If you can learn right handed you'll always have a much bigger selection of guitars to choose from, they're also cheaper.

The Tele is a great guitar to play almost anything on, from blues to metal. (Possible pickup changes may apply with certain styles though).

If you like the way it feels and sounds I'd go for it, it's a great looking guitar.
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Thanks for the helpful words guys. The right-handed playing is going well for me, already developed callus on my left hand fingers. I am playing without a pick in my right hand now, may have to literally pick that up when switching to electric guitar, although I see some play electric without pick?

My budget is like 500 eur (650$) at most; I am confident that I'll be playing on this guitar for years, and also have to take into account I might play it on stage later on (we are setting up a band in which I play piano).

I'll make sure to check out the squier cv series as mentioned when going back to the store and play on different guitars to see which is most comfortable besides just the sound of it (the difference in how comfortable they were was quite noticeable last time).
assuming you're in europe (you mentioned euros) and are willing to buy from thomann, they still have the japanese-built fender pawn shop '51 for well under your budget. I haven't tried either it or the classic vibes, but based on the japanese-built guitars i have tried, i'd be incredibly surprised if the classic vibes are better guitars than the pawn shop.


admittedly, if you're a brand new player, it's debatable if it's a good idea buying online. if you don't have someone you trust who can work on guitars and/or tell you if it's ok, it's probably a bit risky.

EDIT: you can use a pick or your fingers (or both), it's up to you.

EDIT #2: and yeah if you can play right-handed, do that. I don't think it's worth it if you really can't and it'll be holding back your playing- but if you don't mind either way, as mephaphil says, you have infinitely more options of (cheaper) guitars if you play right-handed.

EDIT #3: and yeah if you can already play a bit you're in a good position. as you said, neck profiles vary a fair bit and can be the difference between enjoying playing a guitar and hating it there's no point in having an objectively "better" guitar if you hate how it plays

If you do find guitars whose necks you like, make a note of them. neck profiles and measurements are normally available online, so you can start to narrow down what you like.
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