I'm thinking about buying a strat body and having fun with it, like painting it a really cool color or all silver or something. I'm just wondering: how hard is it to assemble the whole guitar? I'm not worried about electronic and stuff, mostly assembling the neck to the body. Is it very hard? Or is it just a matter of buying a neck and bolting it to the body?
If you buy what is meant to be the right pieces to go together, it should be fine 99% of the time. Parts that are slightly out of spec can be modified if you have the tools. It's all a matter of what experience you have and what tools you have access to.
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well like anything else. not hard. to do it really really well? hard.

a strat or tele style is going to be easiest. not much to do but literally bolt on the neck and screw in a pick guard. the quality of the parts fitting together will be the biggest determining factor

a set neck? would not recommend you do that yourself.
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One of the most important things to get right is the neck's scale length in relation to the body's bridge location. Get a neck that's built for the body's scale length and visa versa. Compatability of parts is essential.
Bolting parts together is easy. Painting's up to you. Electronic's for a Strat can be a drop in assembly. Learning to set up the guitar properly will bring it all together.
Good luck.
I was thinking of getting a strat body and a strat neck. So it looks like it wouldn't be super difficult then... thanks for the answers!
I pre string it with 2 strings in the E strings to make sure the neck is square with the bridge BEFORE I drill the neck screw holes so the strings are even on the neck. Not tight, just enough to help make sure. That amount of tilt or not being square with the bridge will affect intonation a bunch.

The first guitar usually goes bad.....you need to learn how to do it, there is no real way to teach this kind of stuff, there is too many variables.
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