I've been playing for 4 years and just play at home on my own time. I finally ordered my first pedals
I will be owning a Boss RC-3 Loop Pedal, Rouge Analog Delay, and a Behringer NR300 Noise Reducer.
I've done my research and everyone says the RC-3 is great. People say the same for the $30 dollar Rouge Analog Delay. The Behringer I heard mixed reviews about, but most were saying if you just play at home your fine(which is what I do. No live shows or anything)
What are your thoughts on these pedals?
Mainly what I wanted to ask is if there is any "best" order I should put these in? Maybe I should put the noise reducer after the noisiest pedal? Or before my amp? Or does this not really matter?
I would move this to GG&A. There is no right order, but some work better than others. The best way is to try it and see. Put the noise reducer at the end of the signal chain though.
Peavey Classic 30
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Noise gate at the end of the chain, modulation effects in the loop if you have one, and the rest are ordered to taste depending on what you're trying to achieve.