Hi, long time lurker here!

So I've been trying to learn how to play music/compose as a hobby for the past few months and this is my first try at a more metal-inspired song that I've been working on the past few days.

Hoping to get some critique of things to improve, thanks.
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Not bad for the 1st song. Though I wouldn't call that metal, it's sounds more like rock. The song definitely has its feel, I like how the last bridge changes into the final chorus. But you'd better make and ending for the chorus or put a fade out

It's strange how you notated bass, why didn't you just make a bass track tuned EADG, instead of a guitar one tuned GbBEADGBE?

Also, put a Guitar Pro version in the thread's title.
Thanks for the feedback, will add a proper ending.

And yeah, the bass is notated in a weird way, mostly due to me being noob and re-using guitar tracks for bass purposes, will fix.
hey man , here's my crit

first id like to say id suggest u put the master volume on 0 db to make it sound less "noisy"

Intro :
Interesting stuff , though the melody sounds very plain and basic at 17-24 , the guitars that come in at 25 sound pretty cool

Verse :
Nice melody , thats more like it

Chorus :
Sounds exactly the same as the verse apart from the few things u add , i suggest rewritting this part since its imo the most important part of a good metal song.

after than that its mostly the same stuff rehashed.

for a first song this is very good , dont get me wrong , though you have much to learn still.

Can u crit In Flanders Fields for me ?