Hi i would like some advice i'm a bit ocd about this but can anyone tell me if how i am holding the pick will be a hindrance for my playing in the future? I would greatly appreciate any advice or feedback tnx.

No, that's absolutely fine.
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That's how I, and every guitarist I've ever known, does it.
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Wow really? That makes me feel better. I always thought i saw people have it more angled down towards the nail more thanks for your input guys.
I find it easier and also better to control when i hold it without curling my index finger so much. I like to move the finger so the part with the fingernail is behind the pick.
Your thumb is absolutely fine, though your index finger could be less curled so that it's more to the point of the finger than the top knuckle. But if it's comfortable how it is at the moment, don't change it, I just pointed out a minor thing that may be easier if you change.
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I have the same kind of thing but my pick is facing the same way as my thumbnail. Is that wrong?