Here's a little jam I've come up tonight and I wanted to share with you because I want you to tell me if you like the riffs. I was not concentrate on the structure but on doing something that isn't my usual (which is mainly core songs).

I've listen to some recommendations on death metal recently and I feel it changed my ''creativity'' (no pretention here, i'm no Beethoven) without copying the genre. Tell me what you think. Thanks and c4c send the link below.
Sounds alot more like a death metal song, I like that lol. I'd like to know your influences for this, since it seems you are influenced by modern death metal bands (I think I hear some Nile on the first guitar riff too) but then again some of your riffs rely a bit more on groove than you'd see on your average Suffocation copy cat. I'm not talking about slams or anything like that, more of a modern groove metal/modern metalcore vibe.
The synth intro is intriguing but it leads to nowhere so you'd better come up with a better transition or just remove it. I like the first riff with the blast beats and the higher tremollo picking but then it leads to a more chug friendly and atonal riff and I dig that too. I expected the next riff to explode into a blast frenzy but then it turns a more groove oriented riff but its ok. The next riff is a bit core-ish on the note and scale choice but it has a nice rhythmn going. Overall 6/10, pretty cool.
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I don't know really. I've been on several youtube's related spree and i saw pretty much everything to absolute cold death to sunno)) to blast bats, etc etc... I'm actually working on something new, more progressive and blending various sounds. Now I'll try to diversify my guitar technics but I need more pratice time. Thank you for your comment Ometh it helps!
Blast bats sounds like an awesome name for a Batman themed grindcore band
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I'm cockblocked regularly by my appearance and personality.
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lol I meant blast beats but maybe you've got a one hit Wonder right there.