Hey guys, I'm interested in picking up a few (as many as I can get with my budget) effect pedals which I can use to create trippy/pyschedelic melodies. I have about $450 to spend (keep in mind sales tax) so I'd like to get at least 2 pedals. I produce downtempo trippy/psychedelic electronic music, and I want to start using guitar melodies in my production. I suspect some suggestions of reverb pedals, so if suggesting one of those I just need some help narrowing it down to a specific brand/model, but I'm open to all and any suggestions.

Can't wait to hear some suggestions!

Thanks in advance!
Electro-harmonix's Deluxe Electric Mistress flanger comes to mind ... classic psychedelic sound.
2 delays and a harmonizer, heavy reverb if you've got it/can get it too. Maybe a Flasback x4 and the smaller POG so you get a looper in the deal too.
Electro Harmonix Epitome and an MXR Carbon Copy, or a Line 6 M9. This is assuming you're going new. If you're going used....that's a big world.
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Awesome thanks for all the suggestions! Looked at a couple of demo videos and I'm really liking the EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress. The MXR carbon copy is cool as well. I also looked at the DigiTech RV-7, really like the reverse reverb setting on that one so considering that as well! And for those wondering, I am purchasing new, because I'm using in-store credit i've gained from an item I returned recently. Keep the suggestions coming!
Look into some sort of univibe clone (Dunlop Rotovibe, MXR univibe, etc). Most people go after them for the hendrix/robin trower pseudo rotating speaker thing, but the vibrato portion on them always gets ignored. A nice, quick, short vibrato is instant psychadellia to me.
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Watch some of the EHX blog videos. They show you how to chain their pedals to get all kinds of crazy effects.
Awesome thanks guys. I'm definitely going to get the Electric Mistress Deluxe and I think I may just get a MXR Classic 108 Fuzz and get some other reverbs and delays later on. If theres any other suggestions I'd love to hear.
Catalinbread Echorec. It is based off of the rack that David Gilmour used to record Echoes.
I've got the following on my pedalboard (price I paid in parenthesis)

MXR Phase 90 ($80)
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano ($120)
TC Electronic Flashback ($140)
Boss Tremolo ($40 used)

Different combinations with these four help me get some cool trippy sounds. Point being, if you don't shell out a lot of your budget on one pedal, you could easily get 4-5 quality pedals (the Flashback is really cool because it has a lot of different settings, a looper and tone print which allows you to download settings from the internet and put them on your pedal via usb). You can get even more if you get used pedals and create a lot of combinations.
Also, I'm not sure if you are familiar with a lot of old Verve stuff, but Nick McCabe gets some great psychedelic sounds. Check out "Beautiful Mind" for a good example (or just the whole "A Storm In Heaven" CD). His rig is pretty well documented online... but I think one of his go-tos is an Alexis Quadraverb. You can find one used for under $100 and it has pretty much all the effects you'd need to get some awesome tones.
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delay, reverb, vibe, phaser, flanger, wah
Fuzzes are very common for psychedelic sounding music with good reason too.

For an analog delay I suggest a malekko ekko lo fi
A good digital delay is also useful, especially one with tap tempo and beat divisions (dotted eighth notes ftw)

For phaser and flanger I prefer mxr.

On the cheap, line6 makes some good multi effects. Something like the fm4 might be good for filters.

Personally, I also like to use synth tools such as random sample and hold into some kind of filter. I only know of two (I think) pedals that do this, the subdecay proteus and the line6 fm4.
For an idea of the sound think of john frusciante throw away your television.
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Source Audio orbital modulator. It's a multi effect, but one that does modulation only (kind of like TC electronics nova modulator, but smaller) You can literally tweak all parameters (speed, depth, mix, delay, feed back, volume, lo retain), and you get multiple (yet high quality) chorus, phasers, flangers, and uni-vibe. $170. That would take care of your mod stuff, so anyhing else (reverb, delay) still fits in your budget.
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Ring modulator
Feedback loop
EHX Talking Machine
A 8 stage phaser + ZVex Fuzz Factory
When you can scrape together the cash an Eventide Space will take your trippy sounds and push it well over the top.
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Oh and strymon are a good brand to look at. The mobius for instance
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