open up your mouth.
when the whistle sounds
there will be no discussion.
it won't even cross your mind.
police have found a body.
he had the kindest smile.
you're sure you're forgetting.
you're sure it's just the cold.
there's been an accident.
you let him see through you.
you just got scared.
you just got scared.
and you couldn't find him.

god, what did you do?
don't dare to leave my sight.
they'll come here looking.
they'll come to find you.
they'll not be happy.
you weren't just forgetting.
shivers weren't from the cold.
but you're safe now.
he had the gentlest eyes.
you just got scared.
i'll keep you warm.
i'll keep your smile.
i'll keep you by my side
and you won't ever leave again.
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