Hello guys I have a Dean vmnt grey which has a really dull paintjob compared to per say, the angel of deth one, so, when I first got the guitar I put car black stripes on it, without knowing anything, I did a decent job, but I comites terrible mistakes as using the cutter for the tapes right on the guitar, now the stripes are loosing, and I want to paint them, I would like a mate finish to contrast the shiny sparkly grey, but I again have no idea where to start, I have a few questions:

-should I sand off the parts I want to paint or can I spray the new paint on top of the other?
-What paint should I use? I want a black matte finish
-in case of sanding, what sandpaper should I use?

I know about painting anf layers and etc. But I've never painted a guitar and I know its not a simplr thing, that's why I prefer the matte finish, any recommendation is welcomed.

Ps. Can't attach images because im on mu phone but for reference, the stripes are exactly like randy rhoad's original jackson.
-Dean Dave mustaine vmnt
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Well for a start, you can't be painting it straight on top of whats already there. You have to sand through the lacquer first, then depending on the colour you are using, the paint as well.

When you've done that, you'll need to fill and dips where you've over sanded with filler, then reprime the sanded section. Then you have to use a polyester paint if you want to get the best finish but it's hard as all hell to get right. About 10-15 layers per colour.

Finally, you'll want to give that a gentle high grade sand to take off any ridges before applying the new lacquer. It's going to take you a fair while and odds are it won't be cheap.

Hope this helps dude.
that was really helpful, thanks a lot. I just have one last question, since i want to keep most of the origunal paint, is painters tape safe to sand of only the lines I want to paint? Would you recomend it at all? Im afraid I could **** up the original paint if I sand off the lines I want to paint even with the tape.
-Dean Dave mustaine vmnt
-Ibanez Rg550 90'
Watch sully's guitar garage on youtube. The guy knows his stuff on refinishing and I have learned a lot watching his videos.
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