I guess this is my introductory post. I've been playing guitar as a writing tool for 4 years or so. I'm mainly a drummer. I've been drumming almost my entire life.

So, I know pretty much nothing about guitar other than how to play it.

I recently put a new set of strings on my guitar by myself for the first time. I usually only break strings every 6 months or so, so I would just have it set up and get new strings put on by someone at the music store.

It seems like a really simple process and I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly. I was stretching the strings out today by just yanking them (gently) away from the neck, but when I pulled on the B string it broke. Not a traditional snap. Just an immediate loss of tension with a TON of slack. I'm guessing if there was a break it was inside the electric guitar where the strings are inserted because I couldn't see a break.

For the hell of it, I tried tuning it back up. It went from loose like a rubber band to perfectly in tune. It definitely sounded like a string breaking but it's holding it's tuning well.

I'm just kinda freaked out by playing on a string that has a break. I don't wanna get hit in the face with it or mess up my guitar.

Any ideas what happened and why I was able to tune a "broken" string?

Think I should just say screw it and get new ones?

Thanks in advance.
If it was truly broken then there is no way that it would come up to pitch. It probably just caught in the bridge or in the body (if it's a string thru body hardtail) and you pulling on the string popped it into the proper position. If it's holding tune and playing normally then I wouldn't worry about it.

Weird. I don't see how I didn't pull it all the way through, but that makes sense. It is a hard tail.

I stretched all of my strings and I still have a ton of buzz on the first fret on the A, D and G strings. I wonder if those strings are caught in the body as well...

Thank you for the response!
Broken is broken. It's just stretched.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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