I’m looking to sell my 2007 60's Reverse headstock Stratocaster “Hendrix Tribute” It was Made in Mexico and has all original factory parts. It’s a very cool guitar.
Here is some info about the guitar:
Serial# MZ7014118

I haven’t owned it for very long. The guy that I bought it from did some relicing work so it would look like Jimi’s strat. There is even a small cigarette stain on the headstock where Jimi had one.

It sounds great to me. I’ve read about people changing the pickups on this model and then being very happy with the sound. Others seem to like it just how it came from the manufacturer even with it being MIM.

I’m selling it because my guitar collecting is getting out of hand. A few days after buying this one I ordered my first custom shop (Jeff Beck Signature) strat. I paid $450 for it. I’d like to get $450 back by selling it.

The guitar sounds great and I actually like how it looks after being reliced. It is just something that I would probably end up hanging on the wall for others to look at in awe. I bought it more as a collectible than as a guitar I would actually play.

Send me a message if you are interested. I live in St. Louis, Missouri and may be able to meet in person if you live close by.

I haven't figured out how to attach pictures yet. But I have some that I could email.