I've bought the LTD Phoenix 200 recently, and I've considered getting a hardshell case for it. I know ESP manufactures a hardshell case specific for the shape of the guitar, but since it fit it's shape personally, I'm not sure it will fit other guitars, in case I'd like to use it for them.
So, my question is, is there a general hardshell case that can suit the Phoenix shape/dimensions, but also fit other shapes of guitars?

Here's a picture of the guitar. It's dimensions are 108 cm on 40 cm, if that helps.

I highly doubt it.
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Yeah just get a generic/rectangle case. Maybe even look into bass cases.

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Don't they make a case with foam inserts that you put around your guitar? Like, you get little blocks and triangles and you basically build the inside shape to fit around your guitar. Try looking for something like that
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Maybe the Gator GW extreme might work? http://www.thomann.de/gb/gator_gw_extreme_case.htm

This will work, but the problem is that it will be too wide for your "regular" guitars.
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So, what happens if the case is too big for your guitar? does the guitar move around and get hit by the case or something? sorry for the n00b question.