I picked up an old ibanez RG from a friend recently, it had been laying around for a few months or maybe even years.. anywho after i restrung it i noticed how high the.. erm, saddles/tail were after i put on fresh new strings.
This is lifting the strings a lot from the fretboard and makes playing higher notes a little more difficult, and I don't know if its normal or healthy for the guitar.. Any help on what is happening / how I could adjust this?

the lifted ibanez which im having problems with:
minus . com/lEBCr7OW3w8aM (no spaces)

when compared to the fender strat which ive had for ages, never had this problem:
minus . com/l11cem3WLecRi
thanks everyone.
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just take off the back plate and add extra springs.
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Welcome to the annoyances of a floating bridge! Takes your pick of any 1000 videos on youtube on how to setup/string one.
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