I picked up an old ibanez RG from a friend recently, it had been laying around for a few months or maybe even years.. anywho after i restrung it i noticed how high the.. erm, saddles/tail were after i put on fresh new strings.
This is lifting the strings a lot from the fretboard and makes playing higher notes a little more difficult, and I don't know if its normal or healthy for the guitar.. Any help on what is happening / how I could adjust this?

the lifted ibanez which im having problems with:
minus . com/lEBCr7OW3w8aM (no spaces)

when compared to the fender strat which ive had for ages, never had this problem:
minus . com/l11cem3WLecRi
thanks everyone.
You need to balance the spring tension. You have put a heavier gauge strings on the guitar and need to compensate through tightening the spring claw in the back of the guitar.

Now this is not super hard, but if it is a FR type trem I highly advise you take it to a tech. It can take you hours to get the bridge correct.
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You just need to throw some additional springs on the back of the bridge. Open up the back cover and you'll see what I mean. The old ones either wore out from age or can't handle the gauge of string you put on. Take it to your local shop and they'll show you what springs you need. Its a cheap and easy fix.
Thanks everyone, yeah when I bought it the strings were so flat I could lift them about two-three inches from the fretboard with ease, that alone likely made the springs absolutely terrible quality. I just restrung it though and I really don't want to buy new strings, am I going to have to take my new strings off in order to get this fixed? I cut all of the wires flush to the tuning posts, so it'll probably be a little annoying to get that all back on..
You don't need to restring it, just adding a spring or two to the back of the bridge will do the trick or just replace them with newer ones altogether. If you pop open the back panel it should look something sort of like this:

There is a way to adjust it back there by tightening or loosening the screws on the posts opposite of the bridge, but yours are more likely just worn out. You can add springs and then make it as tight as you want for a little added tuning stability. I generally advise against using a tremolo arm on a non-locking setup anyway, so tighter is better here.
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You know you're allowed to post actual URLs here, right? And if you but them in tags, you can make the image appear on the forum, right?

And yes, it's a spring problem.
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You ca also tighten the two screws all the way in on the trem claw to add more tension.
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