The 6505 amps are apparently (This is what I've read, not sure about the technical aspect of it other than what I hear/experience) designed with the FX loop after the master volume, so there is signal bleedthrough past the MV and the loop even if you put a killswitch in the loop.

Unfortunately, as picky and hard to please as I am that's just not working out for me. I'm looking into alternatives, and I'll make a "what amp" thread, but the SL-X is on the top of my mind right now, so I was wondering if anyone knows about it's design off the bat.

Also, is it a serial or a parallel loop?
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There are a few versions of the schematics floating around but it looks like its after the tone stack and samwhiched between a dual pot. Might be a blend pot? The schematic kind of sucks to read off my IPad.


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Edit: it's a level control potentiameter.
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