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Before you add the links, this belongs in Cover Songs.

My bad... Here's a repost with links.

Here's some heavy sh*t - game music covers for metalheads! Anyone remember those epic loading tunes on Commodore 64 Ocean Games, as you waited half an hour to get to play the game? I think they are some of the finest pieces of music in games throughout the history.

I couldn't find real-instrument covers of them anywhere, so I decided to make them! I'm a multi-instumentalist - drums, guitar and bass are included.

Home-made music videos on Youtube:
Youtube playlist

Mp3's on John Foe official:

-- Hornanvasara
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Well, this is pretty legit. You might want to tighten up the rhythms at the beginning, to really get that gallop going, but I'm amazed at the use of effects here. All the phaser/flanger/whatever is used in a way that doesn't scream "LOOK AT HOW MANY USELESS PEDALS I HAVE". And bonus points for that drumming. It's obvious you didn't just learn "Wonderwall", "Another One Bites The Dust", and a basic four-to-the-floor drumbeat just so you could put "multi-instrumentalist" on your CV. Machinae Supremacy would be proud.
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It's Steinberg chorus VST!

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Machinae Supremacy

I'd appreciate them more if they'd choose more powerful songs to perform, such as the ones in the Ocean Loaders series. To me, these tunes are like James Bond themes of the 8bit world - larger than life!

Thanks for the nice comments!
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after hearing this

That wasn't bad compared to the Bubble-f-ing-Bobble!
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Thank you, sir! Have another one of the same series:

I watched the first one and let it play thru its excellent work.
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Sidology 3

...and another thing about MS is those medleys. I can't stand any medleys, even if Deicide did them! Argh!

Edit: done bashing MS...
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hahaha, this is sick! nice tone, that tune really lends it self to a metal remake well. I can definitively see it as some sort of djent song as well. Solo was well done. Reminds me of iron maiden a little bit. Really captures the sound of the old school games well. cool stuff! Liked your other vids as well. Very well done! haha. I didnt know games used to have loading music as a requirement. Thats crazy.

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