Its pretty sloppy, If I am brutally honest right away. Especially in the beginning. Slow down and practice it a bit more. Is that solo the original? The first part seemed sloppy then it seemed to be decent thru the fast stuff. So that's how I feel about your how you played.

Your mixing is something I want to bring to your attention. Guitar is to loud. Plus it looks like your recording thru your zoom to your pc, if your not using an amp get rid of the camera audio when you sync the video/audio together. When your playing something distorted and you can hear the pick hit the strings it takes away from how good it sounds overall.

I would also recommend some eq work on your guitar when you edit your audio/video together. Find an eq that optimizes the sound your going for.

Last tip. Between your camera and you should be nothing. It makes the focus tricky. The table and the zoom make you slightly out of focus.

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