We have a two piece band. I'm the drummer but I'm going to be on guitar for one song, we both need a delay pedal and are on budget
If you both have amps, get another delay pedal?
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Quote by Lavatain
If you both have amps, get another delay pedal?


Seriously TS, you don't want to attempt to play 2 guitars through the same delay pedal.

It is physically possible, but getting an acceptable sound will be practically impossible. You can get something like a Joyo delay pedal for £30, there is absolutely no excuse for not investing in your own pedal.
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Here in turkey prices of delay pedals start at 100-120 dollars and i'm not that into the guitar to buy a pedal.
I think it could work, but only if you've got a pedal with stereo inputs and outputs, something like a BOSS DD-7. Otherwise there isn't much point.

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I've got this jack converter from 2 females to one male. It is possible to connect it play.

But when playing with someone else I have problems like; if I turn up/down my volume/tone knob, my volume/tone remains but the one of the other guitar changes. Same for volume, it's very strange! No bullsh1t!
You could use a Y-connector to send both guitars to one delay pedal. If it's a stereo pedal you can just plug one into each input.

The output though is going to be a complete mess, especially if it's a mono delay. The delay doesn't distinguish between the guitars so the signal is just going to be a jumble of weird garbled sounds unless you have it set really low, in which case you probably didn't really need the delay in the first place.