i've been searching the web for weeks now for a new guitar and could do with some help, im pretty picky. Basically what i want is a super strat style body (basswood or mahogany, either of those), maple or rosewood fretboard(not fussed), any neck(most seem to be maple anyway), fixed bridge and some passive but still hot pickups. My budget is anything under £400, if any of you can give me some suggestions that i could look into that match my criteria id be grateful

UPDATE: i've settled on 2 possible guitars, a Schecter omen extreme 6 and a ESP LTD H-101FM, they are almost identical except for pickups and finishes, however i have heard that schecters have thicker necks than say an ibanez/esp/jackson, i do have fairly large hands so i dont NEED a thin neck but i'd rather it over a fatter
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Hey Rufus, yeah that is still one of my possible choices along with about 5 others xD I forgot about music genres whilst I was doing this. Heavy metal thrash metal and hard rock are pretty much all I play on my epiphone et 270
you could maybe get a godin redline HB for that, if you're lucky. Not basswood, but everything else you want, and made in Canada (I think).


Bang on £400. I've never used that online shop before, though, I just found it through yahoo/google. I have no idea what they're like. They';re kinda hard to find, the other prices I was finding (on gak and dv247) were more like £470 or so, so that might be an ex-demo model.

I've also never tried that specific model, I'm just going by the few godins I have tried.
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I'd hate to be the one to say it, TS, but you can't be that picky for only 400GBP.