Is a dinky pro with reversed headstock worth 200$?
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I wish you could ask a less vague question. You got a link? Is there one in specific you're looking at, or selling one and not sure of it's price?
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if it is a dinky pro series and in good shape hell yes, but we need more details
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I went ahead and bought it, one of the original pickups was replaced with a seymour duncan part.I'm not sure which one yet. I think I am just gonna have some blackouts put in it. Its a pretty sexy guitar the guy said he thought it was a late 90's model but wasn't sure. There are a few very minor dings and it is missing the rear cover and tremolo bar.


Oh and yes Diabolical Summoning is one of my favorite OSDM albums. Sinister has been shitting quality DM since the late 80's.
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