Hello again everyone!

Uploaded some new covers to my YouTube channel recently. Check them out, and as always, any kind of feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Cold As Ice - Foreigner


Scars - Papa Roach


Cross My Heart - Marianas Trench


Celebrity Status - Marianas Trench

Well we had chatted on youtube about the cold as ice cover, still a great cover, just remember to hold changes right to the last sec.

Your scars cover is very good.

Your mixing is spot on, not to loud not to soft. (people struggle with that sometimes). Whatever programs your using work out great for these videos, I think your tone sounds a bit to digital but I just assume that's either your amp or the way the guitar sounds hooked to your pc.

Either way your video's are great quality and your playing is spot on.

Thanks! I agree that the guitar does sound a little 'digital'. That's most likely because I do not use any sort of audio hardware or special program to record the sound. I use only my Blue Yeti USB microphone plugged into Sony Vegas on my laptop. I might upgrade to something a little more heavy duty in the future, but I haven't decided on anything yet. But given the simplicity of it all, it think it sounds pretty good! Thanks again for watching!