Only 180 shopping days before christmas, 34000 air miles or 54 episodes of eastenders, however you count down to christmas. Been trying to write the christmas number one on my Bontempi acoustic guitar ( it has the tone of a Martin ). Can't be bovvered to write the music so I'm using 12 days of christmas, it's out of copyright.

6 strings on my guitar,
But I can only play 5.
4 beats to every bar.
3 chords I know
2 verses wot I wrote
And a chorus that you repeat ad infinitum.

That last bit is latin, jesus would have liked that. Just need the lines 12 - 7. I'll include you in the credits but only I get to go on top of the pops. My band innit.
Perhaps this should be in the " Songwriting and lyrics" forum. Cheers
12 more months of starving
11 Parking tickets
10 (failed) Gig auditions
9 Late House payments

Hey, being a musician is HARD!!
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