Howdy y'all,

I'm thinking of putting together a baritone tele (getting way down to low F#). I'm planning to buy a kit and add a knuckle, all maple neck to it to give it a scale length of 28+ inches.

I'm thinking humbucker (maybe lace deathrail) in the bridge and lipstick single on the neck. I'm looking for lots of weird tonal variations here. I play blues and alt-hard rock.

Anyway, some of the kits I've found have either bubinga, swamp ash or basswood bodies and I'm wondering what will be best for my axe. I know basswood is not favourable, but will it actually make much difference?

It's probably worth noting I'm going to paint it black so the look of the grain is not important.

Any other suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.
do some reading on tone woods. like mahogany is usually dark. maple is known for being bright. so im sure with some reading those woods you can choose from have their own tonal characteristics too. also check to see if that lace and lipstick will have appropriate outputs, if that lace is too hot you'll notice a volume drop when switching pups.
In your case I would actually go with basswood. Bubinga is way to beautiful to hide under black paint. Swamp ash also has a wonderful grain pattern that I personally wouldn't want to cover.

Basswood is as good as any wood for guitar bodies... IF you aren't afraid of getting some dings over time that is; it's quite a soft wood.

Funny thing I'm also planning on a bariton/bass VI tele-build. I'm going with european ash (european equivalent to white ash) and a transparent brown finish.
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Sorry auto correct. DC Kunkle is a guy who makes baritone necks for teles and sells them on eBay. A whole new neck.
Yes I will have to check the outputs for the pickups but I haven't decided on a lipstick make yet. Also I'm considering modding the control panel to 3 pots instead of a switch, 2 volume, 1 tone, or maybe 2 tone and a blend. I'm a lp guy usually and I like more control over pickup blending.

Any thoughts?