Vocalist located in the Greater Seattle area with extensive professional recording/touring/music business experience available for new project or established band. Open to ideas focused around modern music. Genre interests include, but are not limited to: Modern Rock, EDM, Prog, anything current metal/djent/tech, most things that include the word "core." Original music only please. Not interested in grunge, classic rock, country, hip-hop, or folk. (nothing against those, they are just not my interests)

I have a vocal range from Baritone to male Alto, though most comfortable as a Tenor. Capable screamer. Driven, professional, reliable, dedicated, knowledgeable. Have transportation, practice space, professional gear, and a functional home recording studio. I am over 21, drug-free, and a non-smoker.

Strong musicianship preferred, all levels of experience welcome. Egomaniacs need not apply. Just send a message if you are motivated to make music for a living.

(guitarists, if you have prog-metal chops, a la Periphery etc, I may have an existing project for you)