I read on the net that wilkinson bridges are very similar to floyd roses but more comfortable because you don't have to work on the wood of the guitar beacuse it fit the original bridge hole.
I'd like to know if it's really like this

PS: I forget to write it, but I'm talking about a Fender Stratocaster
I have a Wilkinson Trem on my USA Strat. I love it. VERY stable.

Only thing is Strats (generally) don't have the cut away so you can pull up a long way on the tremolo. If you're looking for that, you're gonna need a guitar with the required routing.
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It's not that simple, but it's mostly true. First off, Wilkinson has a lot of models, so you can't just put 'a Wilkinson' on your guitar and expect tons of range. Furthermore, Wilkinson doesn't actually make their own trems, they license them, so different manufacturers have varying quality even though they make the same model. For your purposes it sounds like you want a VS100. I'd suggest Gotoh. GFS makes one too but it's a lot cheaper and it shows.

Depending on the guitar and what you want to do, you may not need to remove any wood. Some strats will need a bit of routing, and all of them will need a slightly larger route if you want to be able to pull up. Even that though requires far less wood removal than a Floyd, whether you want it recessed or not.

'Fender Stratocaster' doesn't help us much, there are lots of models. A MIM strat will need drilling for the posts, a MIA may need the post holes enlarged slightly but you won't have to make new holes.

The VS100 has as much range as a Floyd, but it isn't locking so you'll want to make sure you have a good nut and you know how to properly wrap and lock the string at the peg head, or have locking tuners.
That's got a pretty good trem on it already. Set it up to float and see how you like that before you go messing with aftermarket trems. With a good setup you can get quite a lot out of a standard MIA trem.