Okay so I have this Washburn WG-780 Steven's Extended Cutaway guitar.
I had originally bought it for a friend who was gonna pay me back but didn't come up with the cash so now I'm stuck with it.

Does anyone know ANYTHING about this guitar? I've been researching it alot.

Is it a keeper? It has a snapped A-string so I haven't played it much. I must look at getting it changed..

And what is the worth of this guitar if I want to put it up for sale?

The WG-780 was one of Washburn's many entry-level "Superstrats." It sells used in excellent condition for about US$200.00 or less. The Stephens Extended Cutaway was originally used on some high-end Washburn guitars with 36 frets. You can read about it here:


If you like the guitar, then it is a keeper. As stated, it has little resale value at this point.
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