Hello all,

After an age of saving up and researching, I'm finally ready to purchase my first guitar.
I've narrowed my choice to either -

Washburn Idol Win DLX - tinyurl.com/kfzcmm3
Epiphone Nighthawk Custom reissue - tinyurl.com/kmrezgr

I like the pickup/coiltap options of the Nighthawk, but the Idol DLX has Duncan humbuckers which I imagine are higher quality than the stock Epiphone's.
Also it has a Graphtech TUSQ nut which is surely better than the unspecified white plastic nut of the Nighthawk.
The Idol has the shorter scale which may be better for my small/average hands. Will scale be much of an issue?
Both are similarly specced - mahogany body & set neck with black maple flame top and rosewood fingerboard.
The Nighthawk is £300 and the Idol DLX is on sale at £255.
I can't test them out as neither guitar is in stock anywhere near me.

Which would you choose and why?

I'm having a hard time deciding, any opinion no matter how insignificant will be greatly appreciated!

I'll be using an interface with my PC for now, though I do plan on getting an amp one day.

I read a couple of reviews that said the Washburn had slightly ropey binding, I'm wondering if Epi's QC is tighter..

My head's melting trying to decide (coffee didn't help), I'll try to sleep on it and see if any responses appear