I dug this amp out of my grandpa's garage. Apparently my dad bought it in the early 80's, but never told me until now. I'm trying to figure out what year it was made in, and what model it is, cause he said he bought it used. Apparently the FL112 on the back just refers to the type of speaker, and isn't the actual name of the model, and also means it was made between '79 and '81 http://hiwatt.org/FAQ.html. It has a Partridge transformer. If anyone could help me identify the year it was made and the model that would be great.

Oh ok, thanks. Yeah it sounds awesome, although turning the master volume knob produces quite a bit of crackling.
Amp that old could probably benefit from some contact cleaner and just general tlc.

Couldn't hurt to give it a little check over from a tech or something like that.

By the way, I hate you, wish there were vintage Hiwatts in my house.
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Yeah I plan to take it to a tech as soon as I can make a bit of cash. Haha I couldn't believe it when my dad told me he had a Hiwatt just sitting in the garage. Do you know if the FL112 is a type of DR103, or is it an altogether different model?