I wanna start playing either electric guitar or bass. I've chosen the bass, but there is one little big problem: if I buy the bass that I like, I won't have money for an amp. If I buy an electric guitar, I can buy an amp with the remaining money as well. This is very uncomfortable, because as much as I love the fat-stringer, the idea of having no amplification is driving me to buying a guitar instead. I've searched for unplugged bass videos to see if I can hear anything without an amp, but all of them had actually been amplified, so I think I got the wrong meaning of the word unplugged... I wouldn't mind buying a guitar instead, because that way I won't need a band to be able to play the songs that I like (I already have a piano and an acoustic guitar).

What's your suggestion?
You can hear an unplugged bass similarly as with the electric guitar, but it'll be hard hearing dirt or sloppiness. And is it a good guitar amp? If you buy an electric and have some money left only for a cheap amp (yeah, still an amp, but a cheap bad one), don't buy it.
Yes, it is a cheap amp. And about the bass, if I can hear the difference between the notes, it's all good to me.
Play what you want to play. They're different instruments, and if you want to play bass get a bass, a guitar is not a substitute. If you'd rather play the guitar, get the guitar. If you want to play both, then get both.

Just save your money until you have enough for instrument and amplifier. If the expense of an amp is whats turning you off from bass, its a small matter to simply save up enough for an amp as well.
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