So my band wants to cover this tune. I know I can get close to the bass tone with a fretless Stingray, but there's a bit of a "swell" effect here that I can't nail. Any ideas on how to capture the tone in the lead in bass riff right before the verse starts?

And yes, I know that's a synth bass in the song, btw.
A octave pedal set octave up with tons of highs and possibly with maybe a envelope filter with the attack low so it sweeps slow. That's what I would try, if I had my amp I'd cook up something but I don't.

My band has decided that they want to cover Black Velvet as well. When I listen to the song I'm thinking I hear both a synth bass and conventional bass played together.

Was just wondering what solution you arrived at for covering this song? Right now a SG bass seems to give me the best overall sound but I don't own a MM, although I do have both a Fender P and J bass.
Sorry I cannot help you, Tam. That song was so hopelessly overplayed on the radio when it came out that I cannot bear even to listen to it anymore. It is enough to make me want to commit heinous acts with sharp objects against perfect strangers.

Good luck, anyway.
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If found that dialing in a bit of autowah and chorus seems to get close to the sound. I'm still tweaking with it a bit. I gave up trying to play this in drop D on my fretless ( can you say intonation isseus?) and now use my 6 string bass. The song was recorded with a synth bass, btw.

And yes, its not my favourite song to play. I have to concur that it got WAY overplayed when it came out and with the exception of some fills, its a pretty damn boring bass line.
I quite like it myself. But then I'm not much of a radio listener, so I missed the overplaying.
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I can't hear anything going on in the sound that's particularly unusual to be honest. The attack of the note sounds a little different, but that could just be a compressor or technique.
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