Well played. Some of the really fast stuff seems muddy/sloppy. I would love to see you cover the whole song!

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Big bang theory thanks buddy \M/

@caw 1 .. Maybe , I did my best in it and soon I will make the whole track
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Cheers \m/ \m/
The slides at 0:19 were great! The faster chromatic part at the end was pretty good too, and only a few of the descending runs were kinda off, I think it was at 0:34 or so. But that is just being picky. Excellent tone, real thick but articulate. I couldn't tell if you had reverb or not, but it sounded good man. Great job!
Overall it was pretty good, the thing I would recommend working on the most is your vibrato, it was there but it wasn't very strong. Also, when you got to the fast section, your picking got a little sloppy, but that is an easy fix with a little practice. Everything else was good, the notes you played were correct and your tone was good.

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