Recently, I bought a MIM strat and I love how it feels but I would like to upgrade its pickups. When I mean stoner rock, I mean stuff like the video i posted at the bottom. I know a lot of stoner rock bands like kyuss use their neck pickup but I know the guitarist in Karma to Burn uses the bridge pickup. Anyway, I want a good pickup for stoner rock that has great low end that will fatten up my strat's tone. I am considering the dimarzio breed because it seems like it has the low end I need. Thanks

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The Breed would be a suggestion of mine. It will definitely fatten up the strat with it's punchy mids and full bass, perfect for Stoner Rock IMO. Another option though to look at is the Tone Zone. The Tone Zone has less of a focus on the treble and mids, and more on that lower-mids and bass. The Tone Zone also has higher out than The Breed.

If you want to fatten the tone without losing the characteristics of the strat, go for the Breed, if you don't mind moving away from the brighter tones, The Tone Zone fits the bill.
What amp and pedals are you using TS?
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Quote by AWACS
What amp and pedals are you using TS?

This. And budget.
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I think your amp is going to make a huge difference. Since I love stoner rock/70s british rock, I've been working on getting tone like that myself. I use a little orange crush with the gain cranked and low OD. My guitar is a modern player fender jag, and I play through the neck p90 pickup. Works pretty well.

Anyway, my point is that you should examine your amp. My second point is that p90s sound awesome and you should consider trying to find one to fit your guitar.
Dimarzio Breed, Tone Zone, Air Zone or Duncan JB with 250K pots, Custom Custom and Custom 5 might work.

I'd personally go with an Air Zone or Custom Custom.
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The Duncan JB works just fine. Pearly Gates is also worth a look
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