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I'm worried about adjusting the action on my acoustic guitar. I know that when I adjust the action on my electric guitar the intonation is usually affected. Won't lowering the action of an acoustic guitar cause the intonation to go sharp?

it may depend on the guitar and just how much you lower the action, but i have the action lowered on most of my guitars without affecting the intonation. to be fair, i also use lighter strings on some than the ones that came on the guitars, so that may make a difference.
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I'm not completely sure how much lowering the action affects static intonation.

But, with a lowered action the strings tend to go sharp LESS when fretted. You just aren't bending them that far.. So, dynamic intonation actually might improve a bit

Besides, how would you be planning to correct the intonation anyway? There's very little offset available at the saddle, and you have to grind new blanks to avail yourself of it.

An overarching question might be what is the action height now, and how far are you planning to move it?

If it's uncomfortably high now, are you willing to suffer with it going forward?
Action will not affect intonation. Lowering the action to the extent that the strings vibrate onto the frets higher up is the only problem. If the vibrating strings are not coming into contact with the frets above the position that the string is held down nothing will change. Any intonation problems you may think you have by changing the action are purely down to your mind and guitar myth gossip. If the string is free to vibrate it produces the correct sound.
A very high action can cause notes at the upper frets to "pull sharp" when fretted. Lowering the action to a proper state means less string movement when fretted... It should stay in tune better.