Hello guys.. im thinking of buying a new guitar
within the next two weeks. I play almost everything from blues to
metal/shred(that is,. jazz excluded) so i need a versatile guitar that
can do MOST of the stuff that I play. My budget is around 500$-600$.

I personally love the feel of Schecters and I would have bought Damien
Elite 6 fr, but im afraid it wont gimme good cleans. PRS has some good
SE models in this range, but they have many bad pieces. Since i live in
middle of no-where, I wont be able to try out myself( I'll have to order
it online) and so i may receive a bad PRS.
So please tell, how good is Schecter with cleans ( Im gonna play it
through my POD HD500). Or should i go with PRS(please specify the model
also)?? Any other suggestions are welcome...
Thank you.........
As for ordering online, you should be fine as long as you work with a reputable seller. Especially one with a good return policy.
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thanks for advice....but i live in india, and its hard to find godin, washburn or charvel here(even online shipping charges are toooooo much)...pls suggest something from esp, ibanez, schecter and prs...
I have a PRS CE22 (USA made) and it is an awesome guitar. The SE line are quite nice also, but I really advise getting the tremolo model over the wraparound bridge (or replace the wraparound to an adjustable wraparound).
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Try the Adrian Smith SDX, you get a little of both worlds. Love mine to death but, after you save up a little more just do an up grade on the pup's from the Jacksons to better ones that you prefer.
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I've got a Damien-6, which I really like, but it definitely does dirty tones better than cleans. If you like the feel of something, why don't you get the guitar, and if you don't like the tone, you can always upgrade to better pickups.

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The Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet (with or without Bigsby, your call) might just be the instrument you need. I've the one with the Bigsby, and it sounds great for cleans and overdriven stuff. It lacks a little bit of clarity when you're playing with heavy distortion, but it's still usable.

Another option is the Hagstrom Ultra Swede. I haven't played it before, but I've played Hagstrom's other instruments and I believe they're worth checking out. I don't know if being able to coil split makes or breaks something for you when it comes to versatility, but if you think you need it, check it out.
The Damien Elite 6 fr has EMG 81/85 pickups. The cleans on those are excellent.