Welcome everybody, this is my first post on this forum, I am from Czech Republic (but I am Italian) and I am a beginner who loves to play something every now and then for myself and try out some home recording, and I already have a question :

I have recently seen in a pawn shop website from my town a nice looking Les Paul imitation guitar from CORT at a very good price but I have some doubts.

I already own a Cort X6 and I think it is really a great guitar for the price (paid new 160 E), and I heard somewhere that the older CORT guitars (80s and 90s) were much better than the actual ones in terms of wood quality and construction, since the guitar I saw seems to be older than the actual LP type models from CORT (the headstock and logo is different and also the pickups are) I was wondering if it might be a good deal (they are selling it at 100E including a nice looking case) but I wasn't absolutely able to find anywhere hints on the year this guitar might be and specs.

Can anyone help me from the pictures to have an idea about it ? unfortunately for a while I am not able to go there and check by myself.

Pictures are attached

Thanx !!!
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Dunno what it is, but it looks pretty sweet. Do you know any of the guitar's specs at all?
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Cort used that logo style in the '80s. IIRC that is a CR series. I have an '86 Cort Performer (since new) with the same style logo on it so it's definitely an original Cort logo.

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