I wanna get my second preamp, I'm looking for something Pink Floyd sounding as much as it is possible, couse my Ada MP-2 don't want give me that sound (no kidding hehe).
For about ~300$ ofc used one.
I was thinking about Marshall 9000 series or JMP-1, but I'm not sure about that ...
Any better ideas ?
For a gilmour tone, you probably want something really clean. He used to play a lot of Fenders and Hiwatts: Big loud clean tones, then THAT Gilmour sound came from compressors (for clean tones) and fuzz and delay (for dirt + lead tones)

Any fender-y voiced, clean pre-amps will probably get you there.
I love me some stacked overdrive and delay to emulate Gilmour (very loosely anyway)

What power amp will you be using? I'm not at all well versed in separate pre/power amp modules
Yea, I noticed that rack's are not so popular at amators musician community and it's hard to get info abut them ; )

I will using Mesa 50/50 PA with 2x G12M Creamback cab for it.
I think clean bottle EL34 should sound fine for Gilmour sound.

Yeah I was trying at first to find some "Hiwatt preamp" but it ended unfortunelly.
JMP-1 is my vote. That *is* the classic rock sound.
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