Your vocals aren't very clear, maybe they aren't cutting thru the mix enough. You two are pretty tight when you play together. The acoustic on the right might be a little hard to hear. The solos are obviously kind of hard to hear.

Those are pretty typical problems recording like this (I assume just off the microphone?). Its hard to get the mix right. next time turn up your vocals a bit, and adjust your eq so you come thru nice and clear.

Always edit the end of the video to end at the time you want. Saves on the crotch shots.

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OMG totally forgot to edit the end .... Thanks mate ^^ I'm checking out your work right now and yeah I know about the audio, we need to have mics for guitars and for vocals seperately.
you guys definitely need another microphone. it would make those mixing problems go away, as well as give you the ability to push the lead volume up when it needs to be up. You both can clearly play and sing, so if you really want to take this project higher, get cooler stuff. I hate to put myself on a pedestal, but check out my videos. My friend and I think we can mix ourselves pretty decently.
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Hey man, thanks for the comment ! Nice video as well man, and as for my video, I think I know what to do ^^ I think I'll stick a few extra microphones