So we ran out of studio time and we are doing the bass tracks at the singers house, he is also a trained engineer.

We don't have mics so we're going to be recording DI. I will be recording on two Active pickup basses through a Harke 3500. I know it won't sound the same as speakers but do you have any advice on what to do to make it sound better? The style is death metal, leaning a little more to the tech death side.
Why not ask the trained engineer?

All you really need in a USB or FireWire interface with 1/4" inputs on it (most are xrl/1/4" combos) just plug in there and record with your daw of choice. Your already using a amp head for color so the tone can be changed to your liking.
There is a time-honored solution, but it will set you back a few hundred bucks: if you are running an amp directly out into the mixer, get yourself a speaker simulator. They make a big difference with that setup. The best speaker simulator is said to be the Palmer PDI-03, which can be a little hard to find.


Absent that, skip the amplifier, get a decent computer recording interface (much cheaper than a speaker simulator) and use the amplifier models in the recording software. If you don't like them, get a software that does only amp models, like AmpliTube, and add it to your computer. That is still a hell of a lot cheaper than shelling out US$679.00 for a Palmer.

Now, for playing live and going direct, there is no substitute for a good speaker simulator like the Palmer.
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Honestly, there's no point splashing out on fancy hardware gear. If you're recording DI, you will most likely be doing it onto a computer using an audio interface. Just use some amplification (Amplitube etc).
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redwirez IRs will do a lot of good, it's speaker-specific plug-ins for guitar and bass. lets you adjust mic placement and everything
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