if it was originally a marshall, those days are long passed.

it looks like someone stuffed a bad clone into an old M headshell tbh.

ask for gutshots.
and see if the weed container inside the back on the very left still has buds in it.
Model? "Bubba's Amp He Done Builted" maybe?
Homebrew Deathtrap?
Rat's Nest Special?
Old Sparky?
Bugera Prototype #14?

Wouldn't touch that thing with a 50 foot pole unless you just want the parts. Transformers might be worth something if you can figure out what they are. It's not a Marshall; it's not even an amp at the moment.
Hehe so it's 100% just cheap fake ?
The guy selling it on auction site should be reported then, couse he claims it's very Marshall : )
I mean, there's no way of knowing what it was at some point. But it's been molested pretty bad, so you couldn't rightfully call it a Marshall right now. It doesn't look like it works, it's missing tubes and there are wires all over.

So maybe it was a Plexi at some point in its life but without gutshots we can't determine that, and it's certainly worthless as an amp in its current condition.
I'd be careful with flux capacitors and plutonium around that thing, you might end up back to the future!
Hehe, end in future would be fine, hope it won't blow me in present.
I asked for guts pics, probably I' ll get them tomorrow (if he won't refuse).
Quote by Blazkowicz
Hehe, end in future would be fine, hope it won't blow me in present.

If it blows you you might wanna pick that amp up quick before someone else stumbles across that jem.