Right so i'm looking for a nice reverb pedal, my main genre that i do play is metal but i play everything pretty much , when i do riff though i use little to no reverb , however i like having reverb with my cleans.

My budget is open , but i have certain criteria that i want the pedal to meet

1. Runs on 9v ( aka dc brick )
2. Preferably simple , don't want to have a billion knobs that i won't know how to get something i like of/
3. Nothing big ( aka, no eventide ) i like mini pedals
4. I said budget open, but really it's a max of 325$ , however it has to be worth the money.

Stuff i've been looking at that i can get

Ehx holy grail ( Price is so tempting )
TC Hall of fame ( unsure about it )
Strymon blue sky ( Price is 325$ , not too sure if it's worth the money , and well 5 knobs, so not sure if that means its too complex or not )

Stuff ive been looking at that i'm not too sure i can get ( I live in dubai , not many ship here, and if they do , it's expensive )

DR Scientist reverberator
Neunaber tech WET Reverb

Any advice would be appreciated, even it hasn't been listed , or if you know a way to get either of those 2 for a good price, international shipping with very little hassle

The TC is way better than the EHX. Seriously, not even close. The EHX was a hot pedal 5-10 years ago when digital stuff was either expensive or sucked or both, but it's just woefully outgunned by the newer digital stuff. The TC and Hardwire and other similar reverbs are both super good, super versatile pedals that crap all over the Holy Grail.

The Blue Sky is of course a big step up from those but you've got to decide if you really need a $300 reverb pedal. The Strymon has a trillion options, which is great, but if you don't need all that I don't think anyone would be disappointed by the sound quality of the TC or the Neunobar. I think most of the price for the Strymon is for the flexibility. Digital technology has gotten good enough with reverb that I don't think anyone could find the sound quality lacking in the TC or the Neunobar or the Digitech Hardwire.
Dr Scientist Reverberator for nice reverb in a standard enclosure. The Hall of Fame is also good to.
Alright thanks, ill try get the hall of fame , or try get strymon at a cheaper price
You should really look into these three pedals:

EQD Ghost Echo
EQD Dispatch Master
Mr. Black Supermoon Chrome

I only added the Supermoon because it sounds like a nice mix (IMO) between the two EQD pedals. I have the Dispatch Master myself!
Get the Neunobar Wet. Seriously.

The Strymon is really nice, but it requires a fair amount of mA to run it so you might have issues depending on what your power supply is.
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Quote by SimplyBen
Get the Neunobar Wet. Seriously.

The Strymon is really nice, but it requires a fair amount of mA to run it so you might have issues depending on what your power supply is.

Agreed, from what I've seen on YouTube, and based on your criteria, the Neunaber Wet is an amazing pedal.
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My next purchase is going to be a Neunaber Stereo WET. I currently have a Verbzilla, which is another great option.
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Tc electronics trininity if pgs ships to Dubai.
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