I've done a bit of research, but I'm rather iffy, I'm considering trading my 1990 Ovation Legend 1767 for a Peavey T-60. I'd trade outright if the T-60 was all original, big fan, but the guy says he replaced the pick ups, his quote "The neck is from a 70's Gibson Les Paul PAF HB that is wired with a coil splitter. The Bridge is a Dimazio Air Classic wired the same." He says all the wiring works and such, but I haven't had a chance to check it out, and to be honest, I'm not sure if I could identify whether or not he's lying or not.

First of all, it doesn't LOOK like an Air Classic http://images.craigslist.org/00v0v_gFbSowpIZ04_600x450.jpg but idk if they made different versions. His also doesn't seem to have a case AND seems to be missing a volume knob. My Ovation comes with an Ovation hard case. Only reason I'm considering trading is because I wanna get back into electric guitar, I absolutely love my guitar, so I don't wanna make a deal I'll regret. So...any advice/comments? I don't have any idea about the pick ups, I like the original and know next to nothing about either of the replacements.
Air Classic? That's a Dimarzio X2N. Who knows about the covered bucker, really can't tell much without pulling it. That's a " not NO but Hell NO" deal. I wouldn't give him $150 bucks, to be honest.
I'm not really concerned with the cash value, I know I'd be taking a moneytary loss, but I love T-60s and I do have a thing for DiMarzios, but I was wondering if it would have a similar sound or if not sound similar, still have a good sound.
Peavey's T-60 pickups were specially designed to work with the tone circuit in the guitar, so those replacements aren't likely to sound like the originals. How well they sound is anyone's guess. You'd have to play it to decide for yourself. You are not likely to find a set of original T-60 pickups to restore it to its original specs, as I don't think they were ever made available by themselves.
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They won't sound at all like the stock pickups. The X2N is one of the most aggressive pickups that Dimarzio makes, so unless you're going for all out metal, it probably won't be to your tastes. The other pickup, whatever it is, will hopefully be fat and warm, though if memory serves the neck on a T60 is much more singlecoil like that fat humbucker. All I can recommend is to play it through an amp and see what you think.
Ah, I figured the circuitry wouldn't mesh well...and actually getting to play it is an issue, long drive and not much money, sketchy on investing gas money for something that probably won't suck, just wanted to get an idea, and I think I'll pass. I'd enjoy a mix between aggressive and fat, but the circuitry turned me against it.