Hey guys, I am kinda new to guitar and I currently have an Ibanez Gio with a Fender Mustang 2 amp. I am looking to get a 7 string but I have very little money, so what do you guys think the best seven string would be for 200 dollars. I'm thinking of getting the Schecter Guitar Research SGR C-7 7 String. What are your opinions on this?
My friend won one of those guitars at a Jeff Loomis clinic we were at. Apparently from what he says, his SGR was fine but just needed a good setup.

You might be better off trying to find a used Ibanez RG7421/RG7621 (MIJ) as they'll be a workhorse of a guitar.
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That guitar won't be terrible once you set it up, like Eddy said. Just take the time to work on it and you'll have a pretty decent axe. You aren't gonna get a Mayones or anything, but if your budget is $200, you can make it work. It won't be phenomenal, but you can make it work.

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